Survey of financial aggregates for leading Italian companies (annual update issued in September of each year). The first edition of Financial Aggregates for Italian Companies was issued 1962, and was commented on in the Board of Directors’ Review of Operations contained in Mediobanca’s Annual Report for the same year. It is an annual survey of the leading Italian companies which serves to highlight the key operating and capital data trends reflected in their data in the last ten years. The survey covers all large industrial and services companies, which, for purposes of ensuring like-for-like data for comparison, are treated as a “closed” set for the reference period. The co-operation of the companies themselves is guaranteed to ensure that the data is gathered and processed correctly. Aggregates are compiled on the basis of earnings results, balance-sheet data and other key indicators (capex, capital increases, dividends, exports, headcount, etc.). The aggregates are available by ownership (state-owned and private enterprises, non-Italian-owned companies), size (fourth capitalism) and sector of activity. No data is disclosed for the individual companies that make up the aggregates included in the publication. The survey is representative of the performance of the largest Italian companies (i.e. those with a workforce of over 499 staff), for which coverage is almost total. A set of companies from the so-called “fourth capitalism” is included, defined in the sense of family groups which in the preceding financial year did not generate more than €2.99bn in turnover. For a survey of the universe of medium-sized enterprises in Italy, see the initiative run jointly by Mediobanca-Unioncamere. Historical series of data are also provided for 980 companies dating back to 1968.