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About us

Mediobanca Research Area


The Mediobanca Research Area combines the legacy of two separate entities: the Mediobanca Research Department, and R&S – Ricerche e Studi S.p.A.

The Research Area’s core activity is compiling earnings and financial analysis. Some of its publications date back to 1946, when Mediobanca began to release data aggregates and analysis for private and institutional investors, with the aim of helping to make the financial market more transparent. The longest-running publications are: Indexes and data on investments in listed securities, which has been published since 1947; Il Calepino dell’azionista, published since 1956; Cumulative data on Italian companies, since 1962; and Leading Italian companies, since 1966.

In 1970 Mediobanca set up a new company, Ricerche e Studi S.p.A. (R&S), to develop economic and financial research in Italy on corporates and markets. This is research that Mediobanca had carried out since its inception, which in that year it was decided to develop further through a team of specialist researchers. The company ceased operations in 2021.

Research activity is always based on analysis of financial statements and official documents, which from the Bank’s earliest days the Research Area has collected, and still does.